Berea College international admission decision

Anyone has any idea on when will Berea College release its decisions for intl students? I emailed them and they said it will be sent by March 30 but it’s already March 27 and there’s no news. I’m becoming more and more anxious. Any news anyone? Also hey to all the intl students who applied this year. Tell me which country you are from :slight_smile:

I’m from Nigeria. I don’t know whether they have sent decisions to students from every country but I got in and my email came in since the 22nd.
When last did you send them an email? Maybe you should reach out to them so they’ll let you know. Where are you from?

Got rejected :frowning: I’m from BD. What were your stats?

Guys tell me if there are some news about Berea College !!! I am still waiting for the decision

I already responded above that I heard from them, also someone else I know got in too.
Call them

@Esterii Could you please tell me how the decision looks like ?

hey guys. I’m Bobby, from Nigeria too. I got accepted too. My email came on may 21st, saw it 22nd. @yassineK if you haven’t gotten a decision by now, my mind only tells me you could be on some of wait list for them to see if space will clear up Or I could be wrong and it’s just another reason altogether.

…needless to say, I and @esterii are now besties. lol

It’s an email saying I’ve been offered admission to Berea college. It also goes ahead to talk about the deposit to be paid and other information about the labour program. You also have to send back a form and pay the deposit to accept the offer.

You found it @iocbobby10 haha! This is great

bob can i get your email or facebook i need your assistance or help about application for admission specially the the financial reccommendation please answer as soon as possible , i’m going to apply to berea college this year, thanks in advance

hi esteri can i have your face cus i have many question to ask about berea college .thank you

@Esterii hi esteri can i have your face cus i have many question to ask about berea college .thank you

@Esterii could you share your stats please? SAT score? and grades in general?

@iocbobby10 could you share your stats? SAT score? and grades in general?

Hello @Esterii please can you drop your current mail or facebook , I applied to Berea this year. I need a little assistance