Berea College

I am applying to Berea college this year. What are my chances based on the following stats:

ACT - 25
sat math 1 - 700
sat math 2 - 720
ielts - 7.5

GPA - 3.3 (unweighted)

Planning to apply to computer science or applied science & mathematics program.
I am from low income family (annual income less than $15 000)
I am an international student.

I’ve also sent my documents with IELTS 7.5 and plenty of credentials and certificates. Also all excellent scores from school and high school. Hope to be accepted and good luck to you!

But one thing that worries me is, my documents were delivered to Erlanger, KY not Berea did anyone have such delivery destination when they sent their docs ?

My courier (DHL) says, it is possible that receiver has requested to deliver it there.

Do you think that can be true or should I be worried ? I’ve emailed already but no response yet!

I don’t know what to do?
Does anyone have the same situation?

Did the address you wrote on the envelope state “Berea college”?
Odds are always low - they only take one applicant per country.

It surely did say Berea College Office of Admission, 209 Chestnut, Berea, KY.

Where are you from?

Admissions is very competitive for international students. Per the International student FAQ
– Berea is very interested in the cultural diversity which international students bring to our campus and we strive to have students from all parts of the world. It is rare that more than one student from any country be offered admission each year.
–Admission to Berea College is extremely competitive. We receive hundreds of applications each year from very well-qualified applicants from all over the world, and can enroll only about 30 new international students each year.

@Javanni Uzbekistan