Berea college

Has any prospective international student applied to Berea college for fall 2021. Please if yes ,I just want to know when you received a confirmation email of your application packet delivery from Berea .

Hi Calebson,
I’m also applying to Berea college for fall 2021. I can’t send my application now because courier services are not working in my country due to corona. But on the Berea’s website, they said if courier services aren’t working by November 1st, they’ll look for another way for us to send our applications. I’m already through with my essay and form btw.
What country are you applying from?
If you want to connect, reply here.

Any other Berea college applicant should come on here. Let’s get to know each other. (Fall 2021 applicants)

I am from Ghana

I’m from Nigeria. Nice to meet you Calebson…Did you take any of the exams required?

Yh. I was able to take the March 14 SAT

Well, I couldn’t take it. What was your score?

Did you apply to any other schools?

Sorry about that. Hope you will be taking the September SAT. All the best Danny. Well …my score wasn’t really impressive but it was just above their average . I am not applying to other colleges.

Hopefully…Anyways my application is ready…essays, forms etc. Why?

On a scale of 1-10, how sure are you that you’ll be accepted?
Me: 60/100


What about you!!!Auto correct

Can I get your email?

On the Berea college page , I read every applicant who meets all requirements has a good chance . So we are all hoping for the best.

Hold on . It seems we can’t share personal information on this platform. Dont send the email I asked. I only wanted to connect better.

International students have to perform significantly better than domestic students because it’s more competitive for us

Oh sure…

I have emailed you with chris4wills check it out . And yeah well… It’s not only about scoring high in the required tests . I think other factors like good essays and others also contribute .

Hi guys, sorry but I saw this thread quite late. I was just about to create a new one, but found out about it.
I already applied last year, I got waitlisted, but unfortunately I couldn’t get off of it. Anyway, I’ve been through the admission process so I may by able to question some of the questions you, guys, may have.

Btw, I’m Heriniaina from Madagascar, and I’m reapplying for the Fall 2021…