Berea international students! Need you help!

Hi! I’m going to apply to Berea college this year and i have a couple of questions to international students about admission. If there is anybody who is already studying or who is starting this year, please share with your contacts.
Thanks in advance!

I’m also going to apply to Berea college this year. Though I may not have the necessary information to answer your questions, maybe we can help each other? I’m kinda confused in some aspect of the application as well, but I’ve nearly completed the application now.

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Great idea! How can i contact you? FB or something?

After you have 15 posts here you can private message members. This is a confidential site. Personally I would not give out private contact information on this site to a new poster.


Not only is is a bad idea from a privacy perspective, it’s not allowed per this site’s rules, and any such posts would be deleted.

Sorry guys… I was just trying to help! Sorry for not reading the T&C fist.