Berkeley and UCLA OOS Transfer rates?


I was just wondering what the oos transfer acceptance rate of Berkeley and LA were, specifically for the college of letters & sciences.


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I’m not sure of the transfer rate, but plan on being a full pay student at $65,000 a year or so. No need based aid for OOS students. And very little merit.

Also, keep in mind that any transfer rate info you do find will include CC transfers from within CA.


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For UCLA in 2020, they had an overall admit rate of 29% for all applicants in the College of Letters and Sciences: in-state, OOS and International. L&S also had the most applicants with 19,498 transfer applicants out of a total of 25,955.

The UCLA overall admit rate for OOS/International Transfer applicants in 2020 was 7% but not broken out by the Colleges within the University. For 2021, the OOS transfer overall admit rate was 927 applicants with 35 admits which is 4% again not broken by Colleges.

UCB had a 27% admit rate for the College of Letters and Sciences for all transfer applicants: in-state, OOS and International.

2021 overall OOS transfer admits was 37 out of 694 applicants which is 5% but not broken out by College.

The College of L&S has the most applicants at each campus but as you can see 35 OOS and 37 OOS admits are not very many.

The UC’s give priority to California CC transfer applicants followed by UC and CSU transfers, then CA Private University applicants and finally OOS/International applicants.

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thank you!

You are welcome. I remember you ended up at UMich, so is there a reason you now want to transfer out?

Were you accepted to any of the UC’s as a Freshman? Are costs still not an issue since I thought you would be full pay?

I’m surprised you remember! I suppose it’s a mix of factors. I’m having a pretty great time at Michigan, but I keep on thinking about what life would be like if I were a student at Berkeley or some other top school. It might just be me overglamourizing, but I still want to give a shot at the 2 top UCs this year. If I don’t get in, I’m 100% sure I’ll be fine — I’ll be more than happy where I am. I suppose this is kind of like a final hail mary for me.

I did get into all the other UCs for bioengineering along with regents at 1-2, but not UCLA or Cal.

Michigan IS a top school….