Berkeley Business Minor?

<p>I would love to do a minor in business at Haas, but someone told me there is no minor. Is there any way to make an exception or do something so it ends up on your diploma? I think it would be great for initial hiring and the experience would be great for working in the business field later/starting my own business. Thank you!</p>

<p>i don’t know if there’s a minor in economics, but you can definitely do that. :slight_smile: i don’t believe that you can minor while in Haas, but economics is a very popular major/minor (?), and that will definitely end up on your diploma</p>

<p>@alisonroco Yeah, whoever told you there is no business minor at Berkeley was right. </p>

<p>thanks so much! I’m not in Haas, I’m in a different college at Berkeley, but I wanted to do some sort of econ/business minor</p>

<p>Well you could still take some classes at Haas and just list them on your resume for job reasons. I’m a Econ major, but I take haas classes and I list them on my resume. If you want to start your own business, I would recommend that you take the intro to accounting classes, and depending on what you want to do in business (marketing, finance, etc). </p>