berkeley business vs ucla business econ?

<p>what's the difference, and is any one better than the other? i know for ucla you can minor in accounting and it prepares you for the CPA test, but does berkeley do that as well? is it harder to gain entrance into haas than into the business econ major? (they both screen students around soph year) & what are the requirements to get into either program? (i heard for haas you have to have extracurriculars, etc?) does one deal more with econ than the other?</p>

<p>haha sorry for all the questions.. i'm trying to figure out which one i should go to for college. i know haas is a great business school, but i hear a lot more about it being crazily competitive than i hear about business economics being competitive.</p>

<p>any help will be MUCH appreciated</p>

<p>yes, it will be harder to get into Haas. but what do you plan to do with the degree? you dont have to major in business to do a bunch of business jobs, of Haas doesnt work out</p>