Berkeley Decisions

<p>How come they're so late...March 31st!?</p>

<p>^Isn't that when they normally release their decisisions? I can't remember exactly when, but I think that I received my admissions decision for Berkeley around the same time two years ago.</p>

<p>But yeah, the long wait sucks. It's best just to not worry though, at least until March when all the UCs start coming out with their decisions.</p>

<p>When you think about it, it's "earlier" than a lot of schools that release it on April 1st.</p>

<p>Essentially it's because the UC's get hella applications every year. 22% of hella applications is still hella applications.</p>

<p>^^^ I think it's the coolest/cutest thing ever when people say "hella" xD As an out-of-stater, it's always fascinating to me, lol.</p>

<p>Berkeley is actually the last of the UC's to release its decisions. The best is saved for last. It is so, so suspenseful. I was about to die before I got my decision.</p>

<p>Lemoncat? Why have I not met OOS-ers like you? People just look at me like I'm crazy. Or laugh. Or both. >.></p>