Berkeley Graduation Requirements

<p>So most of us have completed (Before UCB)
- American History and Institutions
- IGETC</p>

<p>From what I see, I only need to complete (At UCB)
- American Cultures Breadth Requirement
- Polsci Major Requirements</p>

<p>Is that it? I'm looking at the online schedule for next semester, and I'm aiming to complete my American Cultures requirement and work on my Polisci stuff. Do we have to complete anything else? After focusing on IGETC and prereqs for so long, it's a strange feeling to have the freedom to select 1-2 classes per semester at Cal that have nothing to do with GE or my major.</p>

<p>haha i have to agree. i think that’s why some of us are deciding whether or not a minor would be worth our time lol.</p>

<p>and i’ve also already done american cultures! for me, i think i’ll either do a minor OR just take random realllyy easy classes to fluff up muh gpizzle</p>

<p>Don’t forget Poli Sci 3: Quantitative Methods.</p>

<p>Were you able to find any upper-division poli sci classes? Seems like they’re all full.</p>

<p>Some majors require 6 upper division units OUTSIDE your major.</p>

<p>Since Political Science is in the College of Letters and Science, review the requirements for the College of Letters and Science here: [Office</a> of Undergraduate Advising: Summary of Degree Requirements](<a href=“]Office”></p>

<p>Note that some Political Science courses like 111AC, 118AC, and 167AC can fulfills American Cultures.</p>

<p>So I know that we’re allowed to stay more than two years if we double major. How about a major and double minor? I’m interested in a couple fields other than political science, but I think it’s impossible to complete within the 130 unit requirement or within two years because of the limited availability of courses.</p>

<p>I know, like the good poli sci classes are full. I guess we see ourselves in the game theory class (I already sucked at PS3)</p>