Berkeley L&S Computer Science major requirements.


<p>I am currently attending a community college, intending to transfer to a UC, preferably Berkeley, in fall of 2011. However, I have some questions arising from the ASSIST page for Berkeley.</p>

<p>COMPSCI 61A - No course articulated.
COMPSCI 61B - No course articulated.
COMPSCI 61C - No course articulated.
COMPSCI 70 - No course articulated.
EL ENG 42 - No course articulated.
MATH 1A - Will be taking in winter; must satisfy prerequisites first.
MATH 1B - Will be taking in spring; must satisfy prerequisites first.
MATH 54 - Will not have time to take.</p>

<p>It seems as though no comparable classes are available for five of the eight courses listed. Furthermore, due to the sequential aspect of math, I will not be able to take the equivalent of MATH 54, which is actually two separate classes here and would require two semesters unless taken simultaneously.</p>

<p>However, I think I'm doing fairly well with the following bit:

To be competitive for admission purposes, the department advises prospective
transfer students to take UC-transferable courses in:
1) data structures--even if not officially comparable to Berkeley's CS 61B; and
2) Java (preferred) or C++.


1) I plan on taking a data structures class in the spring before transferring.
2) I will be taking Java in the fall before, having passed all CS prerequisites with A's up to this point: Intro to Computer and Information Systems, Intro to Programming Using Java, Intro to Algorithms.</p>

<p>As for general education requirements, I will easily have IGETC complete by then, as I am mostly done with those, focusing mostly on computer and math courses right now.</p>

<p>Now, on to my actual question... Despite doing everything possible right now, I feel like I'm not exactly adequately prepared for the major, as I'll be missing six of the eight requirements, and will be taking the other two in the winter and spring prior to transferring. Can somebody tell me if I should genuinely be worried about this, or am I simply overanalysing things?</p>

<p>Sorry for being so verbose. Any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!</p>

<p>I recommend you finish Math 54 in CCC. Yes, sometimes they split up the Linear Algebra and differential equations courses, but it shouldn't be an issue as you can take them at the same time. But it looks like you haven't even finished Calc I yet so that's not good. </p>

<p>When you apply for Fall 2011, that semester you apply you'll have 0/8 pre-reqs finished or even in progress. </p>

<p>If you can't take CS 61A, 61C, 70 or 42, you need to at least have all the math completed (minimum!) if you want to be admitted. </p>

Transfer students who are most competitive for the major have achieved an overall gpa from their community college of at least 3.5. To be minimally prepared for this major, you should have completed equivalents at least 3 of the following lower division technical prerequisites, including Math 1A, 1B at your community college. Those of you who are best prepared, and only need one semester at Berkeley to complete their tech courses, should have completed at least 4 out of these 6 prerequisites.</p>

<pre><code>* Math 1A (calculus)
* Math 1B (calculus)
* Math 54 (linear algebra and differential equations)
* CS 70 (discrete mathematics and probability theory)
* CS 61B (data structures)
* EECS 42, 43 (introduction to electrical circuits)



CS</a> Transfer Prerequisites | EECS at UC Berkeley</p>

<p>EDIT: And if you can, look into other CCCs in the area that may have the equivalent to CS 70, 61B or EECS 42.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, Calc II is a prerequisite for both linear algebra and differential equations. As for the other courses not offered here, I did find a nearby school which has a class comparable to EL ENG 42, but the same Calc II prerequisite applies to that class as well.</p>

<p>I really cannot justify wasting another year for only three classes, so I guess I'll just apply and see what happens... If Berkeley does not work out as a result of this, I'll go to UCSC instead.</p>