Berkeley Language Requirements

<p>I had a quick question about the language requirement for some majors. I'm applying for Political Economy and Assist says,</p>

<p>"- All PE majors must be able to demonstrate proficiency in a modern language other than English equivalent to four college-level semesters (or two years) by their last semester of senior year.</p>

<li>If you do not have native language proficiency in a modern language other than English and do not have a 5 in AP foreign language exam, take as many semesters of foreign language as possible before transferring. </li>

<p>NOTE: Four college semesters = approximately five years of high school foreign language. High school credit does not satisfy the foreign language proficiency requirement unless the student was educated outside the US in a system where the language of instruction was not English."</p>

<p>What do they exactly mean by modern language? I'm fluent in other languages besides English but never took any formal schooling for them so how exactly would I convey that on the application? If that even counts 0___0 </p>

<p>Could someone please clarify?</p>

<p>They mean that you can speak and write fluently in that language. One way to get out of the language requirement is to have some sort of schooling (more than 4 years I think it was) in that "language" (where you spoke and wrote in that language) or to pass a proficiency test. The proficiency test they have at Berkeley are only for certain languages. By modern language they mean a language which is still in use and has both a formal "writing" and "speaking" parts. That count for many languages, so your best bet would be to contact someone in language or linguistic department to see if they have the proficiency test for your language.</p>

<p>The languages I speak are modern languages by your definition so would I mention in my application somewhere that I am proficient in so and so languages and then if I were to be accepted, I would have to take proficiency tests I'm guessing in the summer or beginning of fall semester?</p>

<p>Will it hurt my chances if I haven't had formal schooling for my native languages. I will have all pre-reqs done for both Econ and Political Econ by Spring quarter and IGETC will be satisfied through UC to UC reciprocity as well.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if Berkeley has a proficiency test for Chinese? Is that the same as the placement test? If yes, is it hard? Thanks....Also what chinese classes count as 4 semesters of language?</p>

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<p>Apply for Econ if you have all the reqs met. If you apply for Pol Economy and don't have the language recs done (either by taking the courses, or by scoring well enough on the proficiency test -- sounds like you have neither), you significantly lower your admission chances. The first thing the adcoms want are the recs done. Go with the major where your recs are done and demonstrate interest. You'll be fine</p>

<p>@ UCLAProspect. 4 semesters of chinese = 2 years = chinese 104 at a cc.</p>

<p>The thing is though as far as the official Assist requirements are concerned I will have them satisfied. The proficiency test would be taken after admittance right? So If I have all the pre-reqs done and say I am proficient in a language without formal schooling would that work?</p>

<p>Could anyone who knows for sure post?</p>

Does anyone know if Berkeley has a proficiency test for Chinese?</p>

<p>East</a> Asian Languages and Cultures has a link to the following:
Chinese</a> Placement Test Site information page</p>

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