Berkeley Loft Beds

<p>So I am thinking of buying a loft bed from this website: College</a> Bed Lofts ™ $189</p>

<p>They are sturdy beds and they seem to fit a college student's needs better than Ikea's which I find flimsy and too high. Even the ladder being at the end of the bed instead of sticking out at the side seems more fitting in a cramped and shared room. </p>

<p>So anyway, if you think you are interested and you are attending Cal, we can order together and get a discount and save on shipping. 3-4 beds is 5% off, 5-10 beds is 10% off and it keeps getting better.</p>

<p>The prices and options are on the site and im not really here to market them so just please check them out if you are interested. Thanks!</p>

<p>I assume you will be doing this for an apartment, not for the dorms? The dorms already have furniture in them and those can be lofted.</p>

<p>yes you're spot on this is for an apartment.</p>