berkeley mechanical or civil engineering?

<p>Im a new member at CC. I was wondeing if you guys can tell me if I have any chances at making Cal's "mechanical OR civil engineering". I'm a junior at a small high school in San Gabriel Valley in so Cal. At this moment, I am ranked 2 out of 500~ Here are my stats.
SAT I: 2110, SATIIC: 800, SATII bio/chem/physics: on hold (Takin this may,june, oct,nov..)
AP euro: 3
AP bio, eng, physics, CalcBC: pending as well
ECs: 200 hours at nursing home/hospital
Lions club 3 years (treasurer)
CSF (physics club) vice president/co-founder
Red cross, nhs, csf,... 3 years
internship at hostpital this summer.
varisty tennis 2 years
I know that I may seem like I'm going into healthcare with my Ec's, but I can't find any engineering internships. What else should I do to increase my chances of making Cal civil or mecahincal engineering? Also, what kind of scholarships are there for the engineering major?</p>