Berkeley or UCLA?? HELP

<p>I am accepted to Berkeley and plan on majoring in Political Economy, my other option is going to UCLA as a pre-polisci major. I want to go the school that puts me in the BEST position for grad school. I want to go to LSE, london school of econ, and I need a high gpa. At Berkeley there is a HUGE curve and I've heard that it's reallyyyy hard to get A's. At UCLA polisci isn't that hard of a major and I figured I can just take my econ and math courses and MAYBE minor in accounting along with my degree in polisci and get into LSE that way. Overall, where do you guys think will be the best choice?? Thank you!!!!!</p>

<p>I don't think that UCLA is going to be significantly 'easier', as it is a school with close enough to the same caliber of student and quality of education that the debates can rage on for months over which is 'better' - in reality the differences are more in environment, atmosphere and opportunities than in academic or grading terms.</p>

<p>I suppose that UCLA students can post here if they think that it is easier there or that the competition is less strong in classes than here at Cal, but I would be surprised if many were to do that. There are a few who are either transfers or grad students who took undergrad at UCLA who might be able to compare from personal experience.</p>