Berkeley pre-business

<p>How competitive is it? How steep are the curves? I have heard that there are classes where a 97% on tests is a B...</p>

<p>O_O wow that is pretty competitive...</p>

<p>is undecided/pre-business major hard to get in?</p>

<p>Not any harder then any other major to get into Berkeley. Though, once in, it is very competitive to get into the business major. At least that is what I have heard.</p>

<p>Yes, it is competitive once you're in the school. The acceptance rate is around 45% or so, but you have to realize that the people you're competing against are pretty hardcore.</p>

<p>Yes, there are classes that have lots of high scorers, so what should be an A drops down to a B to even out the grade distribution. I suffered this steep curve on my last exam...</p>

<p>Actually, the acceptance rate into Haas from the previous year for continuing students was above 50%. However, this number is tremendously deceiving. Many of the people who come into Cal pre-business end up dropping out due to putting up stinker grades in the prerequisite courses, which if you come in with none or very few AP/IB/CC credits is at least 10 courses. Also many of the prerequisite classes have normal curve distributions or worse, so many people end up not bothering to apply to Haas due to a lousy GPA.</p>

<p>hmm, i don't think i'm very hardcore, lol ... i think the supposed difficulty of the competition to get into haas is overblown. or maybe it's just that i haven't taken a class full of haas-hopefuls since last spring and have forgotten the feeling of competing against the hardcore "haastitutes". either way, curves in the prereq classes aren't that bad. in ugba, about 25-30% get some sort of A; in stats, it's about 20%; econ 1 is also 20-30%; you choose which breadth classes you take, so you can go for the really easy ones or even AP out of them. although, to be fair, i don't really have anything positive to say about ugba, because that's the class where all you feel is competition. every single day you sit in wheeler, you look around you and feel like you have to do better than other people and know that other people are thinking the exact same thing about you. but the curve isn't actually that bad. people just go into the class with expectations of doom and make the experience worse for themselves because of that.</p>

<p>but it is true that a lot of people end up not even bothering to apply to haas, so the 50% acceptance includes a lot of self-selection. i once saw a survey on the incoming class of 07, and about 12% of students said they were pre-biz. but if you do the math, you figure out that only about 8% of every class actually applies to haas. and about 4% get the chance to matriculate. so essentially, 2 out of 3 incoming haas-hopefuls will not be able to do business.</p>