Berkeley Students: From where do you hail?

<p>LBC here. woo woo. (thats long beach, california by the way) NO MORE LONG BEACH CITY COLLEGE!!!!!!</p>

<p>(Technically on the fence between both schools....) Santa Barbara City College.....</p>

<p>Is affirmative action really done away with.....because I've got a sinking feeling about the whole thing actually...I'll explain later. I'm going out to dinner to celebrate.</p>

<p>Are you kidding? I'm going to desperately miss Santa Barbara.....Class was on the beach. ;-)</p>

<p>is ur name gonna be changed to BearMichelle then?</p>

<p>de anza, from the 'yay' area.</p>

<p>soulrebelLBC, lol...haha</p>

<p>I'm from New York City -- currently attending Bard High School Early College, a satellite of Bard College.</p>

<p>Orange County!!!
The county not the show! :)</p>

<p>Santa Clarita, CA (aka where Magic Mountain is)</p>

<p>i always thought magic mountain was in valencia. lol</p>

<p>Valencia is part of Santa Clarita.... technicalities...</p>

<p>Will u guys be flying to Berkeley for Calso (orientation)?</p>

<p>I dont really know... possiblemente. It depends when it is.</p>

<p>may 14th, no? i will be goin....jetblue has good deals from long beach to oakland.</p>

<p>I have no idea where Berkeley My bad, if it's a cheap trip, I just might. ;-)</p>

<p>sacramento ^_^</p>

<p>Daly City, CA. stone's throw away from SF.</p>

<p>CalSo isnt May 14... I think the first one was sometime around June 9-ish. JetBlue is a good deal but I dont want to drive to Long Beach. blech.</p>

<p>Hailing from downtown Los Angeles.</p>

<p>Currently at Pasadena CC.</p>

<p>oof! Michelle...a Bear? I'm hurt! ;) Ah well..ya gotta be happy whereever you go. ;)</p>


<p>I'm glad to hear you got into Cal, sorry about UCLA. But it sounded like you preferred Cal anyways, so it all worked out for ya. ;)</p>

<p>Fort Lauderdale, FL</p>