Berkeley to UCLA transfer

So would you say taking 6 units this semester, regardless if its lower or upper div, and taking a break next semester(had a plan to study abroad) would put me on track of transferring. This is if i don’t decide to stay.

Yes, you would have to limit the units so you do not go over the maximum. You may have to explain in the UC transfer app why you have a gap in your education.

It sounds like you had been in a CC for around 3 years to accumulate 90 units and then transferred so you are looking at least another 2 years at UCB or UCLA. Do you unlimited college funding to continue another 2-3 years? I personally would want to finish my Bachelors and get on with life. I know UCLA is your preference but getting your degree from UCB will not hurt you chances at internships or jobs.

I already am heavily deciding on staying but this option is intriguing to me, if it could work out. Quick question, what are the chances of getting an application rescinded? Normally the agreement once someone gets accepted its regarding grades not about being over unit cap.

You will list all your current and future courses on the UC application along with a TAU (Transfer Academic Update) in January with Fall 2021 grades. If admissions sees that you will be over the 86.5 semester limit, then they could withdraw your application even before it is reviewed.

If accepted, the UC’s have a provisional admission contract which states the requirements to maintain your acceptance. They will spell out needed GPA, courses grades and that you complete the courses listed on your original and TAU application. If you do not meet the requirements, then your acceptance can be rescinded.

If you apply with under the cap unit and then decide to take more classes which puts you over the cap limit, you will still be required to notify UCLA if there are any changes to your schedule. I do not see how they will not know if you do end up going over the cap limit which puts your acceptance into jeopardy.

Understandable. However, if i do apply under the unit cap and get accepted. Then submit the updated course work in that will take place in the spring. What are the chances they completely rescind my application, I would assume they’d work with my situation.

I cannot tell you what could happen since it will be up to UCLA to evaluate your specific situation so if you are determined to pursue the transfer and go over the unit cap, I guess you will find out the answer.

UC’s have rescinded acceptances for not meeting the minimum 60 semester unit transfer requirement, so why would they not rescind for being over the maximum unit requirement?

The thing which confuses me is that if I do an independent study abroad next semester and concurrent enrollment in an online community college to fulfill a few pre-reqs, how would they determine if I will be over the unit cap? If im not mistaken it takes a semester for them to evaluate if my independent study abroad credits transfer or not.

Good question that should be addressed to UCLA admissions directly. You will however have to list all classes you are taking during Spring semester so they could potentially see you might hit the max unit limit.

UC’s can rescind an acceptance at anytime. You will be required to submit all transcripts by summer prior to Fall classes 2022, and they will see if you are over the unit limit prior to Fall.

Give it try and see what happens since you seemed very determined. At worst, you will not be admitted.

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Yes, at this point I am waiting for their reply. I do plan on trying, worst case I continue my study at Berkeley, which isn’t really a “worst case”. Thanks for all the help!

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