Berkeley to UCLA transfer

As of now I switched from studying economics to now studying geography(economics,culture, and society). Nonetheless, what are the chances of transferring successfully. I figured out I can benefit from the Intercampus visitor program that UCLA offers. If I apply I can, according to Berkeley’s website, visit UCLA for two quarters(winter and spring) due to the fact Berkeley is on the semester system. After I visit, I then can transfer into UCLA the coming fall. If I’m not mistaken, unlike Berkeley, UCLA doesn’t give priority to cc transfer over other UC transfers. What do you guys think?

A lot depends on your college GPA. You may want to see if transferring to UCLA geography is reasonable based on your college GPA.


Yes geography has quite a lower gpa acceptance rate compared to the other majors. 3.4-3.7 I think, which is attainable for me. Also, I was part of the UCLA CCCP program. Which, according to the the faculty, gives an edge on your application.

Why do you want to transfer? I’m asking as a OOS parent whose kid will apply to both this cycle.

My understanding is that UCLA is more open to UC to UC transfers vs. other UC campuses but still gives priority to CC transfers although I have seen some information posted (2nd hand) that they give the same priority to CC and UC inter campus transfers. I have never seen this information noted on the UCLA website however.


Yes, this is what I am personally assuming to be the case. However, my major concern is the is a ruling on transferring after being in the intercampus visitor program. This idea of mine is definitely not new but I have never heard of anyone doing it. Berkeley seems to understand of this “loop hole” and requires any intercampus visitor to stay at their home campus for one term after completing their visit. On the other hand, UCLA does not seem to have any clear guidelines regarding this.

In community college i was a film and economics double major. I personally applied to ucla as a film major twice and berkeley for econ once, didnt get into UCLA both times but got into Berkeley for econ the second time. The only reason I wanted to attend Berkeley was because, if im not mistaken, they have the number one economics department in the United States. Now that im not studying econ, I feel the school doesnt have much to offer me. I already had internships in Los Angeles, so now that im studying Geography, I see it as more of a benefit career wise and if im factoring in enjoyment then it is a no brainer to be in Los Angeles.

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How many units will you have when you try to transfer to UCLA? They do have a cap on CC plus UC transfer credits.

For UCLA, they do not accept High Unit Junior level transfers:
Maximum units: 86.5 semester/130 quarter units or more are considered High Unit Junior transfers.

As of now I have 80, 70 units from CC and 10 from last spring semester. I thought UC courses do not count towards the unit cap.

My understanding is that any lower and upper division 4 year university credits are added to the CC credits.

From the UC Maximum Limit policy:
Lower or upper division units earned at UC (Extension, summer, cross/concurrent, UC-EAP, and regular academic year enrollment) are added to the maximum lower division credit allowed and might put applicants at risk of being denied admission due to excessive units.

I would definitely check with UCLA and UCB about the maximum Transfer limits.

See page 35 of the Quick Reference guide link and the statement above the chart:

okay, so that means I only have 6.5 units to play with. Not only that I am a junior still, so if I become a senior UCLA does not accept senior transfers. How does that work? This is my second semester/last junior semester.

Well UCLA will not accept anyone over 86.5 semester or 130 quarter units so I cannot see how you would be able to do the Intercampus visitor program at UCLA for 2 quarters and then try to transfer. I would say that you should finish out your degree at UCB which is not ideal for you but being a UCB graduate should get you far post graduation.

This is in regards to upper division as of now I have taken 10 units of upper division courses at Berkeley, if im not mistaken there isn’t necessarily a cap to lower division courses.

And to be on track to my major right now at Berkeley I need to complete some lower division courses, while doing so this also fulfills some lower division requirements needed to transfer into UCLA.

You stated you have 70 units from the CC which is the maximum cap for transfer, then you add any upper division UC credits. Since you are Junior level status, the classes you are taking should be upper level courses??

If not, I would still contact UCLA admissions and make sure that you will not surpass the Maximum credit limit based on your planned program.

16.5 semester units is a little over 1 semester of full time classes. You are looking at taking at least another semester (2 quarters) at UCLA for the Intercampus transfer program.

You stated you transferred a maximum 70 CC units (lower division) upon transfer. Any more UC units (lower or upper) will be added to those units so even though the chart states that only upper division units are added, the guide also assumes that the student is transferring in at a Junior level and are taking only upper division courses.

Look at page 36 with the counting examples. They did not differentiate between UC lower and upper division units, only UC units.
Again, I would contact both schools and get clarification.

Yes, that is correct I came in with 70 cc units all lower div. However, since I switched from econ to geography, I now have to take a couple lower division courses to satisfy my requirement. Im not sure how that process goes since they cap 70 units, ive taken nearly 90units at my community college. I assume they weed out the lower divs that dont apply towards anything, in my case since im taking more lower divs theyd weed out some of my other lower divs to make room for the ones im taking now.

After doing more research it does state after the 70unit cap all UC units apply towards the, in this case, 86.5 unit cap.

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Anything beyond the 70 unit cap for lower division is given subject credit but yes you are still limited to the 86.5 semester unit cap for a UCLA transfer.

Students will be awarded up to 70 semester/105 quarter units of credit for lower-division coursework completed at any institution or any combination of institutions. Subject credit only will be awarded for appropriate coursework taken in excess of this unit limitation and may be used to meet requirements.