Berkeley Transfer Fall 2021

Hi guys, here is a forum for those of us applying to UC Berkeley for transfer in the Fall of 2021. I’ll post my stats here and I hope you do the same. I’d appreciate all the feedback I can get.

Transfering from: Chaffey College

Major: Astrophysics/Physics

Cumilitive GPA: 3.55~

Letters of Rec: Will have 2 solid letters

Diversity/Essays: 21 YO Hispanic Male/LGBTQ … Essays will be really strong.

  1. Personal - I have been through a lot with an abusive, drug-addicted family and was homeless for sometime and have a chip on my shoulder because of it.
  2. Major - Physics/Astrophysics interests me because of the pure problem solving skills. Also, I believe it could enable some advantage in space entrepreneurship.

I have a lot - I will only list a few here… (feel free to checkout my linkedin for the 95% of the rest https://■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■/in/tim-yslava/)

  1. Profitable Business Owner w/ 3 employees
  2. Private Equity Internship
  3. JusticeCorps
  4. Mayor's Intern - San Francisco City Hall
  5. A part of 5+ orgs that empower the marginalized
  6. Invited to 4 different Investment Banking event (GS,BAML, LZD, JPM)
  7. Forbes Under 30 Scholar / Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar

P.S. My path was/is anything but linear due to my sister’s mental break down during what should have been my sophomore year I had to withdraw from my classes and head back home to take care of her and my family while still attending school/working my PE internship.

Again, would love any feedback positive or negative… I would super love a general consensus around my application (i.e. do you think I will be accepted or denied