Berkeley transfer questions - Transcripts

<p>Do transcripts have to be postmarked by July 15th, or have been received by then? How much leeway is given (IE: if they are received a few days after the 15th, but were sent before the 15th, would it be grounds for them to rescind admissions)?</p>

<p>I ask because I've got a couple of grades are going to be changed before my transcripts are sent out (Incomplete, for valid reasons, and the professors will change them to letter grades). I have no idea how long it will take for the change to be processed by the registrar, so I'm trying to figure out what to do about this. Should I send my transcripts as they are with letters from the professors, then send another set once the grades are updated - or would it be better to wait until the change has been processed at the risk of my transcripts arriving late?</p>

<p>I sent an e-mail to my admissions officer, but haven't heard back yet, so I'm just hoping to get some info from any of you who might be in the know.</p>

<p>I read on the FAQ that we can request more time to send them under special circumstances. That's what I would do. Try and get ahold of admissions officers (hard to accomplish sometimes..).</p>

<p>Okay, thanks. If I get a reply to my e-mail to the admissions officer, I'll ask for that. I'll try calling her too - apparently today was a furlough day, so that might be why I haven't heard anything.</p>

<p>oh goddddd i was wondering the same thing! I haven't contacted my high school in SO long, and of course, the few days I try to do so, I find out nobody's there the entire summer-SO......I have no idea how I'm getting a transcript from there!</p>