Berkeley Transfer

Hey everyone,

I’m applying this November and I’d really appreciate reading the experiences of others who have been in a similar situation at this point in their educational journey. I have paths in mind for what could happen, and your advice could determine where I go from here or help me to choose a different path.

Course completion

  • I'll be applying for EECS
  • I'll have completed all the required coursed to transfer listed on the and couple additional courses


  • I have a 3.74 GPA now.
  • I have 4 grades TBD for this semester and if I get all A's this semester I will have 3.83 at the max


  • I moved from Nepal with my parents 5 years ago
  • Due to family financial constraints, I wasn't able to focus on school I was working to support my family throughout the highschool.
  • I enrolled in college but I was working 2 jobs and going to college full time at the same time. I tried my best but it just went downhill I failed two-semester and I was on the verge of getting kicked out of the college.
  • The financial situation starting getting better so I started devoting all my time in college and here I'm now.


  • work work work ?
  • Volunteer computer science tutor for a year
  • Member of the Association for Computer Machinery; I might be elected an officer position this semester.
  • Member of SAME (Society American military engineers)
  • Starting a student chapter of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers this semester at my college


  • I would really like to go to Berkeley. This would be my number one choice but I’m worried I won’t get in seeing how competitive it is.
  • Another path would be to go to UCI…not really wanting to go there, but if I have no other options and if I got accepted to UCI
  • Another path would be to stay one more year at community college and finish all other required courses for other UC’s like UCLA and UCSD and be more involved in school and do an internship and apply.


  • want to go to Berkeley but I’m worried I won’t make the cut for EECS.
    have, at best, a 3.83 GPA
  • have all the required course inform the assist and couple additional course

OR Should I:

  • apply for CS BA because I'd definitely have a better chance?
  • apply for EECS because I might have a chance and it'd be worth it?
  • hope to get into Berkeley, but go to UCI if I don't and do get accepted.
  • Thanks for taking the time to read/share.uired courses for other UC's like UCLA and UCSD and be more involved in school and do an internship and apply.
  • forget about getting into Berkeley because I'll never make it?

Thanks for taking the time to read / share.

UC Transfer GPA by major and campus so you can compare where you stand based on this data.

This data is for 2019 admits since the 2020 data is not yet available.

For UCB:: 25th-75th percentile
CS/BA: 3.66-3.99 5% admit rate
EECS: 3.92-4.00 9% admit rate

For UCI CS: 3.63-3.90 28% admit rate

I would try my luck and apply this admission cycle. If you are not happy with your results you can stay another year at your CC and reapply for Fall 2022 while expanding your college list.

Be aware that transfer admits to UCB for L&S CS still need to complete the remaining prerequisites out of CS 61A, 61B, 70 with a 3.3 GPA to declare the L&S CS major.

Thank you for the info. I think I will do as you suggested @Gumbymom