BERKELEY transfers!

<p>What are you most excited about transferring to berkeley this fall?</p>

<p>I'm looking forward to seeing hot chicks and knowing they aren't dumber than dirt.</p>

<p>^ hot chicks at Berkeley? hot guys at Berkeley?</p>

<p>idk if you wanted hot people that aren't dumber than dirt...maybe you should have gone to UCLA!</p>

<p>hahahahahaha j/k</p>

<p>nerds can be hot.</p>

<p>I am excited for being people who truly care about the subject they are learning and hot chicks who are not dumb as dirt. ^^</p>

<p>And football games.
And a little bit more independence.
And not having to post on college confidential, dreaming of what berkeley is like.
And top dog
And living in the bay.
And San Francisco.
the list goes on</p>

<p>Well, I just visited norcal (and Berkeley!) for the first time 3 days ago and LOVEDDDDDDDDDD it. I was weirded out for 3 minutes and then fell flat on my face in love so fast I couldn't contain myself.
The campus was awesome, and the people were too.
And this was during a rainy day.
So, all I can say is I'm just excited to be in an awesome academic environemnt with a TON of people...with an urban outfitters a mere 5-10 minute walk away if need be :)

<p>Looking forward to the following:
-Meeting new people
-Living own my own (whoa that' a first)
-Exploring the area on bike or hike
-Going to SF
-Experiencing the college (classes, etc.)
-Studying in all of the libraries offered to undergrads
-Football games and playing some sports
-Graduating in 2012 :)</p>

<p>@janedoe: there are hot chicks everywhere, not just UCLA</p>

<p>They are a little more tan at UCLA though.</p>

<p>YAY! Go Bears:D</p>

<p>I'm looking forward to meeting new people (who actually have their **** together, unlike at CC), going to The Game, starting UC-level coursework/be inspired (God help me), get involved in my campus, live away from my family, use the gym there :), EXPERIENCE BERKELEY!!!</p>

<p>Will be there for Summer Session (commuting).</p>

<p>UC</a> Berkeley Transfer Class of 2012 | Facebook check it out! its for berkeley transfers and stuff,</p>

<p>Im excited about:</p>


<p>specially caltopia this year, its going to be awesome</p>

<p>at Ildimsum7


<p>but seriously hot people tend to want to want to be around other hot people...and its a known fact that there are a lot of hot people at UCLA..............just sayin'</p>


<p>no seriously i am j/k-ing....hotness is subjective.... different strokes for different folks. </p>

<p>i like my strokes nerdy but cool, brooding and tall.</p>

<p>I can't wait to see how much this will change (if anything) for some/most of you once you complete your first semester here, hahaha.</p>

<p>top dog is good but overrated!</p>

<p>I thought the girls at Cal were hotter than the ones at LA.</p>

<p>Too many girls down their thought they were hot when they weren't though. : )</p>

Your comment made me LOL for more than one reason. </p>

<p>But...meh, it's the same, here or there.</p>

<p>For a lot of the people who complain about lack of hot chicks/guys, its not like you would be swooping them up anyway</p>

HAHAHAHA. Epic.</p>

<p>LOL!!! (@bagels)</p>

<p>The only thing I'm scared for is the workload-but,it might be really interesting work as opposed to boring intro classes though lol.
WE shall seeeee!</p>


<p>That's what I'm saying, though I wouldn't mind hot girls adding value to the environment ;)</p>