Berkeley/UCLA Chances, please?

<p>I just finished my first year at UCSC and would like to know my chances for transferring to the Berkeley or L.A. campuses as a Computer Engineering (or related EE/CS field) major. Here is a record of my progress at UCSC:</p>

<p>Entered: Fall 2009
Major: Computer Engineering (concentration: Computer Systems)
Minor: Information Systems and Technology Management
Total Units: 82.5 (Planning on adding 4-8 additional units with Summer school at a community college)
Cumulative GPA (at UCSC only): 3.83 ("Minus" grades subtract 0.3 points; "plus" grades add 0.3, except for A+) - Dean's Honors for all quarters present at UCSC.
Ethnicity: White
Location: California resident for over a decade. (Not OOS.)</p>

<p>Major Classes:
Differential Calculus: A (Transferred)
Integral Calculus: A-
Multivariate Calculus: A
Discrete Mathematics: A-
Intro. to Computer Science: A
Intro. to Computer Networking: A
Computer Systems and Assembly Language: A
Computer Systems and Assembly Language Lab: A
Logic Design: A- (Upper division)
Logic Design Lab: A- (Upper division)
Intro. to C Programming: B+
Intro. to C Programming Lab: A+</p>

Member for one year of the UCSC Badminton team.
Member for one year of the UCSC Wind Ensemble. (Clarinetist for 10 years.)
Intern at a Silicon Valley healthcare+technology company. Primary focus in mobile applications development.</p>

<p>High School record:
I have no idea if this is relevant or not, but here it is...
UC GPA: 3.6X? (Somewhere around there. Had a less-than adequate first three years, but improved my senior year GPA to 4.4.)
SAT I: 1920 (CR: 620, M: 640, W: 660)
SAT II: Math II: 690, Spanish with Listening: 630
Extracurriculars: Music, Spanish poetry recitation, Mexican folkloric dance, Astronomy club, badminton.
Awards: John Philip Sousa Award, Bank of America Foreign Language Award</p>

<p>Other Information:
Qualified writer - earned a score of 10 on the UC AWPE.
(Essay should be competitive.)</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for your feedback!</p>

<p>grades look good. some more ecs over the summer would help. sat around 2100 or 2200 and ur set</p>

<p>my bad. thought u were out of hs haha no wonder your classes seemed different</p>