Berkeley, UCLA or UCSD

<p>So, I have been accepted to all three( as a transfer student) but i am not sure which to attend??? I am in the legal studies program at UCB and the pre political science at UCLA and International Studies at UCSD. I know all over the board. I was thinking of changing majors to business and wanted to know what the chances are for a change. On the acceptance letters they said i cannot change majors, but i have talked to some people who said it is possible and others did not seem so sure... I don't want to go to a school just for the name and not get a job when i get out of school... Thinking about law school but want to diversify my major as a back up plan. Any thoughts or experience???? THey are all great schools..</p>

<li><p>Major in anything you are interested in. Literally anything. Interest will boost your GPA and motivation which will get you into a better law school.</p></li>
<li><p>Throw transferring to business at Cal out of the window. You have an extremely small chance. If you want some econ try the Political Economy Major.</p></li>
<li><p>UCLA or UCB</p></li>