Berkeley vs. Caltech

<p>As a prospective physics major who isn't planning to pursue research/academia after undergrad, is Berkeley or Caltech a better choice? Ignore location and cost.</p>

<p>for a more well-rounded experience Berkeley...but the "wow factor" of saying you go to Caltech is pretty nice...i'm no expert past this point.</p>

<p>Depends on what environment you want and what will make you most happy.</p>

<p>Smaller, more scientifically-focused institution with super brainy students OR
larger, more well-rounded institution with plenty of brainy students and major college sports. </p>

<p>Only you can answer this question.</p>

<p>I've heard fairly negative things about Berkeley from former undergrads there, but, as recently announced in the Caltech student paper, only 60% of last year's graduating class would recommend the school to high school seniors.</p>

<p>The two have very different environments, but the education is the same. Go where you like best -- both are excellent choices.</p>