Berkeley vs. U of T

<p>Hi everyone, I am trying to choose between University of California at Berkeley and University of Toronto, as a student intending to study chemical engineering. Here are the advantages of each university. Can anyone make a suggestion on which I should choose? By the way, I am a Canadian citizen studying in Asia, and I intend to come back to Asia for work.</p>

<p>University of Toronto beats Berkeley in:
- 5-year Skoll MBA program (Bachelor of Applied Science + MBA in 5 years)
- three times CHEAPER
- a more livable city, except climate</p>

<p>Berkeley beats University of Toronto in:
- ranking in almost everything
(Berkeley's in the world's top 10, UofT perhaps top 20, the question is, would this ranking make a whole lot of difference, especially in Asia/Pacific?)
- better climate
- better job outlook?</p>

<p>How about the diversity of each school? Which is more diverse? I heard that both of them consist of a large Asian population; not only the school but also the city.</p>

<p>Based on your judgments, and possibly experiences, which would you choose? State your reasons please.</p>


<p>I love TO, but I would not call it more liveable than Berkeley. Berkeley is a great city that has extremely active citizens who work to make it a great place to live. Its a college town with a ton of student amenities. If money is no object, I'd go there for it's great engineering and reputation in Asia.</p>

<p>Berkeley is an AMAZING place to live! You've got fantastic restaurants, bookstores, live music, poetry slams, museums, ballet, theater, politics, hiking and sailing - within a few miles of the campus. Then there is San Francisco, the wine country, Yosemite, and the entire NoCal coast to explore within a few hours' drive or less from the campus. Frankly, there are few metropolitan areas that offer more than Berkeley/SF -- and that includes Toronto (a city I like.)</p>

<p>If you've got the money, pick Berkeley. If going to Berkeley means getting in debt, pick Toronto. I can't comment on the relative merits/benefits of the academic programs, but few schools on the planet have a reputation as well known as Berkeley. </p>

<p>Go Bears.</p>

<p>For CE, I would certainly say Cal>UofT and Cal has a great reputation in Asia. However, it is not worth to goto Cal OOS if you cannot afford it. Uof T is #2 or #3 school in Canada and it certainly has good reputaion as well. Besides, if you get a job with a western company that sends you to Asia, why do you care the locals think?</p>