Berkeley's conditions for admission?! Help!

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<p>According to the Berkeley Application online site, you have to submit your Statement of Intent to Register BEFORE you read and agree to conditions of admission - how are we supposed to know whether to accept the offer if we don't know the conditions? Does anyone know what the usual Conditions of Admission are (your answers would be especially helpful if you're doing the GCE A level system like I am)? Thanks!</p>

<p>To maintain our offer of admission, you must meet the following conditions:</p>

<p>Complete all senior-year courses listed on your application with an overall unweighted B average for each term and no grade lower than a C. Immediately notify us, in writing: if you did not meet the grade point average condition for any term of your senior year; or of any changes to your senior year class schedule.</p>

<p>Graduate from high school. If you have already graduated from high school, you must immediately submit an official document (high school transcript, GED or proficiency certificate) that indicates your completion of high school or its equivalent.</p>

<p>You must submit:</p>

<p>A final, official high school transcript that includes your date of graduation and verifies your self-reported academic record. Request this transcript before the end of your senior year.</p>

<p>Official test scores (if you have not already done so) for the SAT Reasoning or the ACT plus Writing and the two required SAT Subject Test (in two different subject areas). Contact the College Board at (866) 756-7346 or the ACT at (319) 337-1313 for test registration information.</p>

<p>Immediately submit an official transcript of any college course work you have completed.</p>

<p>If you completed Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations, you must submit an official report. To arrange for AP scores to be sent to us, call (888) 225-5427; for IB grades, call (212) 696-4464. </p>

<p>Our office must receive all required official documents no later than July 15, 2007.</p>

<p>If you choose to attend a summer session, you must notify us in writing and our office must receive your final, official transcript of summer 2007 grades by September 5, 2007.</p>

<p>Your admission to Berkeley is subject to cancellation if:</p>

<p>You do not satisfy all of the above conditions, or
Any information you submitted does not agree with official documentation, or
You registered and earned credit at any college after high school graduation (except for summer session attendance immediately following high school graduation)
By submitting your Statement of Intention to Register (SIR), you certify that you fully understand and agree to comply with all of the conditions of your admission.</p>

<p>Mail transcripts and correspondence to:</p>

<p>Freshman Admit
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
University of California
110 Sproul Hall #5800
Berkeley, California 94720-5800</p>

Final, Official Documents MUST be submitted by July 15, 2007.</p>

<p>it actually was the other way around. LOL, firts agree to conditions and then SIR, but now it's pointless since the deadline has passed. LOL feel sorry for those who couldn't make up their minds and missed their chance at Cal, so long SUCKAAAAAAAAASSS!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>My Chances?
3.7 W Gpa
0ver 650 Hours Of Community Service Hours (2005-present)
Sat I- 1700
President Of Interact Club
Treaseurer Of Best Buddies Club
Honor Role.....etc........
My Chances For UCB,Ucr,uci,ucsc,ucsb,ucdavis,ucsd,ucmerced..usc?

<p>^ why are you posting that in here..? lol. but...raise your SAT score...try to raise your GPA...write kick ass essays. my gpa was higher than yours...didnt have as much hours...sat was lower...i joined more stuff...i got into berkeley. so yup.</p>

<p>^ I agree. My GPA is around 4.2 W and my SATs are definitely higher than yours. My hours were around 100. I had like 4 ECs and 1 varsity level sport. Got a bunch of awards. Wrote some ass-kicking, mind blowing essays,...and had the best letter of recommendation ever (for Cal exclusively),...and I got in. So yeah, the essays are the deal breakers.</p>

<p>I got friends with your stats. They got in too. It's all about the essays, my friend. Here's a link</p>

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<p>How did you send a recommendation if UCs don't take recommendation letters?..</p>

<p>But yeah. It's really all about essays. My GPA is like 3.4 UW/3.9W and I got in I think because of essays. Though my SAT score is also significantly higher than yours.</p>

<p>3.9 W, 2000 SAT and similar community service hours and I nearly got the Regent's scholarship so I think your chances aren't bad if you can get those SAT's up a bit..</p>


<p>there is a survey done exclusively by Cal. they call it "Supplement to the UC Common Application". that's where you are given the opportunity to submit your letter of rec., plus some extra questions. there you have it. although, i should add that the rec. is done online by providing your recommender with the link to it.</p>

<p>High GPA, High SAT.</p>

<p>That is all.</p>

<p>I did not meet the requirements... where EXACTLY do i go to report it? ive been looking for a while</p>

<p>Can't you just email admissions???</p>