Berklee Audition/Interview question

<p>My son had his Berklee audition this weekend. He felt it went ok, but he was nervous and fumbled on the head on his prepared piece. </p>

<p>When he went to the interview, the individual interviewing him asked him to send some video/audio recordings to the admissions office via tumblr. His friend who auditioned on bass the same day was not asked to do this.</p>

<p>When my son heard this from his friend, he totally freaked out, assuming that he had tanked the audition. The friend already has a scholarship awarded through the five week program, so I'm assuming that the application/audition process is pretty much just a formality for that kid.</p>

<p>How much do you all think my son should be reading into this request?</p>

<p>This is such a stressful time for these kids, and truly no one knows what these interviewers are thinking, except of course the interviewers.</p>

<p>If it were my kid, I'd tell him that any time someone asks for more information, it is a good thing. If he really "tanked" the audition, they wouldn't waste their time looking at or asking for his uploads (they have SO many applicants).Maybe they really just want another look/listen to something when he isn't so nervous.</p>

<p>Good Luck to him.</p>

<p>Nothing, do not read anything at all into it. Supplemental material is a good thing to send in, especially if they ask for it. My twins auditioned the same day but with different audition teams and interviewers and they had totally different experiences, similar to your son and his friend.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input. My feeling was that he should not read much into it. I can't imagine that the people who heard the audition would have time to contact the interviewer and make a request that he submit additional material.</p>

<p>When my son auditioned at Berklee, other Berklee parents told us that "more material" is used for scholarship consideration. I wouldn't freak out at all. I also believe school audition panels know how to look beyond flubs.</p>

<p>Electricbassmom, my guess is that they asked for extra material because they probably use it to assess for scholarships. Your son's friend already had a scholarship so why would they ask for additional information from him?!?!? As a parent myself, I can relate. I tend to worry unnecessarily. As far as messing the start of his audition....relax!!! I am sure these audition panels have seen plenty of nervous applicants. Remember, Berklee isn't looking for perfection. They are looking for candidates with whom they believe have the ability to flourish at their school. My son's best friend/band mate messed up a small portion of his audition and he was accepted. They recognized his talent.</p>

<p>ummmm hate to admit this because you have all warned of this but Son's cell went off (on vibrate) in the middle of his USC audition - luckily he wasn't playing yet, but still threw him big time with fumbling, apologizing, et. He received his acceptance last Friday...tell him not to worry about it!</p>

<p>Not sure this matters, but my D auditioned 2 summers ago for Spring transfer and she offered to play a song she wrote/composed after her standard audition. They said they didn't have time, but could she send an MP3 or post it. She did, and when she was accepted a month later, she also received a nice scholarship. When she originally auditioned as HS senior, she did not get asked to send add'l material, and she was accepted but no scholarship. The bigger difference might have been her actual audition ... in her 2nd audition, she accompanied herself (played piano for her own voice) and the HS audition she used a CD to accompany her. Good luck to you S, electricbassmom ... I'm sure his audition went better than he thinks.</p>