Berklee Audition?

<p>Hi, a little help here, if you please!</p>

<p>I'm planning to apply for either Summer or Fall 2009 and I'm kind of curious about how the audition works. I read the guidelines on the website but I felt they were kind of vague...? For example, should the prepared piece be an already existing piece or can it be original? (if original, must a copy of the score be brought in?) How do the other parts of the audition work, i.e. the reading (I hear you get TWENTY minutes to prepare? Isn't that a bit long?), simple form blues, ear training? More specific details would be MUCH appreciated!</p>

<p>Also, I was classically trained in piano (ABRSM and LCM), got my diploma, and plan to major in Film Scoring/Composition. I can play by ear and do some contemporary stuff, but mostly in a classical, Yiruma x Yanni (if that slash makes sense) type of style. Blues/jazz is not my strong point (because, like I mentioned, my training was almost exclusively classical) and part of the reason why I want to go to Berklee is so I can beef up my jazz skills. Am I at a major disadvantage?</p>