Best "Academic Experience" type essay - is it okay if I mention a teacher's name?

<p>He is (after God) the most impactful person on my academic career.. he switched me from a lazy 9th grader on the first day of that year into the 4rd or 6th best student in the entire grade,t'was a pretty big school too... I've been flying up and away since then (thank you, god!)... is it okay to mention his full name?? I think he would really appreciate it, even though I haven't seen him in 2 years... everyone agrees that he is an amazing and impactful teacher...infact, he is the one who made me love economics and finance so much to the point that I want to major in it!</p>

<p>I don't think it really matters one way of the other.</p>

<p>its a really good idea for an Essay but for privacy reasons I think that you might want to consider not mentioning his name without asking him permission first.</p>

<p>hmm... what if I use his last name only? I want to share it with him after I get accepted somewhere...I want him to be impressed by his own doings!</p>

<p> you happen to be from Middle East? 'cuz then we might have something in common :)</p>

<p>You can absolutely mention the name of a teacher in an admissions essay! I would, however, ask his permission before doing so. Your essay topic sounds phenomenal.</p>