Best and Worst?

<p>Can any current students comment on the best and worst aspects of these schools:</p>

Sarah Lawrence

<p>Thanks for any and all help!</p>

<p>I have friends at Barnard, SL, and Kenyon. No one at Vassar, I'm afraid.

-Location, location, location. Amazing.
-Excellent academics. Truly first rate.
-Excellent opportunities for internships, etc.
-Shared resources with Columbia.</p>

-If you're looking for a party school, this definitely isn't one. It's a pretty intense place. </p>

-Very interesting and very real people.
-Great academics.
-Close proximity to NYC.
-Sort of eclectic and offbeat, but in a good way. </p>

-My friend doesn't have any! She loves it.</p>

-Great academics.
-Good community vibe, with lots of clubs and such.</p>

-VERY isolated.
-Small school + small town with no other students...yeah, you're going to see the same thousand people 24/7.</p>

<p>World changer is pretty comprehensive.</p>

<p>Although for Barnard, since it essentially is in Columbia, wandering too far off campus could be dangerous, as Harlem has its reputation for being that way.</p>

<p>Harlem had that reputation.... 20 years ago.Overall, its much safer now, you still have to be aware of what neighborhoods your walking through at what time but my friends at Columbia feel very safe.</p>