Best AP Books?

<p>For Calculus AB I heard Barrons was good. But, what about AP Biology, AP US History, AP Language and Composition, and AP Statistics? </p>


<p>I heard Barron's AP Statistics is well written and thorough. I plan on getting that one.</p>

<p>Thanks! Do you know what books are good for biology?</p>

<p>hboro24, I used Cliffnotes last year and got a 5 =). I've heard others get really great scores from it too, so I'd recommend that for bio.</p>

<p>For AP Language, I'd recommend Cliffs also. It's pretty coherent and has (I think) 3 practice tests.</p>

<p>I second Cliffs for AP Bio.</p>

<p>My teacher told me that the Amsco book for AP Statistics is really good (though expensive eck, saw the prices on amazon earlier, might just borrow his!).</p>

<p>So what review books would you recommend for the following;
Ap Spanish Lang
Ap Calc BC
Ap Us History
Ap Human Geography
Ap Macro/Micro Economics</p>

<p>Thank youuu in advance! :)</p>

<p>APUSH - Direct Hits for the AP Exam, AMSCO for the class.</p>

<p>Yeah I heard Cliff Notes was good for Bio, thank you! Do you know where the Amsco books are cheaper? Amazon has them for about $22-$30.</p>

<p>If you want AMSCO for APUSH, get it from the publisher its around $17-$18:
Amsco</a> Publishing</p>

<p>Direct Hits was a really good book last year too, so I'd decide between those two for APUSH</p>

<p>I have REA book for APUSH and I heard that REA crash course for APUSH is good if you're studying a week before the test (although that would be a pretty bad idea...)</p>

<p>I have Princeton Review for Chem and I love it so far, still thinking about whether or not getting an AP book for Eng Lit is even worth it. For someone who asked about Spanish, a friend was just telling me recently 5 Steps to a 5 is good for that.</p>

<p>A quick question about the AMSCO book for APUSH: This was honestly my first choice of study book but for some reason I ended up getting REA...either way, here's my deal: I have a 99 in APUSH right now and I'm learning nothing. I honestly don't hate teachers, but this woman is a dinosaur who is a few croutons short of a salad. I know I'm going to have to study everything myself...but I already have American Pageant as a AMSCO basically a textbook too? Would it be worth it to have that too? Anything school related my parents don't mind paying for.</p>

<p>I really recommend Princeton Review. It's thorough, very explicit, and you don't fall asleep while reading it (lol, I have done that while reading some study books before). I used it for AP Psychology (got a 5) and I'm also using it for AP Lit.</p>

<p>i heard cliffs and PR are good for ap bio</p>

<p>What about for Physics C Mech?</p>

<p>Princeton review is good for physics but terrible for chemistry. Last may we had a slew of people saying how the princeton review was too easy and not thorough enough, and the mastery asked of by the AP Chemistry Exam was impossible to achieve using princeton review.</p>

<p>What books should I use for AP government, AP biology, and AP psychology?</p>