Best AP Euro Review

<p>Hi guys, now that I'm going into sophomore year, I'll take my 2 classes avaliable (Psych & Euro). Human Geo. was also avaliable, but I can only take in my school one social science and no self-study. Anywho, I'm using Barron's for Psych, but for Euro I need some help.</p>

<p>I've read some threads and considered REA and Princenton, but what do you guys think can get me a 5? Considering the teacher is great (but has her flaws), and I study starting in late summer?</p>

<p>Modern European History by Viault is excellent as a comprehensive review of the entire subject. Princeton Review is great for a quick review in the week before the exam.</p>

<p>OK, If you want to study in the Summer, read Modern European History, it is simply AMAZING.</p>

<p>To study for the exam exam, use PR and Crash Course, an awesome combo.</p>

<p>Good Luck</p>

<p>I used REA Crash Course and AP Achiever to quasi-self study since my teacher was more than incompetent. I'm pretty sure I got a 4 (or maybe a 5).</p>

<p>If your teacher is "great," you probably don't need to study until the AP Exams come around (i.e. spring break/1st week in April) especially since you only have 2 AP exams.</p>

<p>I will for sure get my hands on Modern European History next weekend, and I'm still undecisive between REA or Crash Course, I don't know which is better in terms of both content and format....</p>

<p>If you're considering the full-length REA, you'd be better off with PR or AP Achiever (or maybe even MEH, 5 Steps, Kaplan, and Barron's) since the full-length REA is really in depth--too in depth, I'd say.</p>

<p>Crash Course is a godsend for reviewing right before the exam. That's the book you'll want to read through before you take the AP exam. I reviewed that book during lunch before the exam, and 5 or 6 MC answers came straight out of what I had read.</p>

<p>I see what you mean, I'll end up getting Modern European History and PR, then, and begin next month?</p>

<p>Viault's Modern European History and AP Achiever are all you need (:
Good luck !</p>

<p>I used four or five review books (PR, REA, Barrons, etc.); a little crazy, but the more you read the better you'll do. I got a 5 last year.</p>

<p>My preference: AP Achiever + Crash Course.</p>