best AP prep books IN GENERAL?

<p>Post your opinions and experiences with regards to sciences vs. humanities, appropriateness of length, difficulty and accuracy of MC/essay questions, material covered, whatever! even just ramble, I'm very curious. </p>

<p>My rant: I am an AP noob having bought my first 2 books in bio and world history - barron's - the other day. They seem fine, and i wanted something with a lot of detail which is there, but some of the MC questions are uncomfortably easy. "Which of these is an example of a pantheon: a) the 12 New Testament apostles, b) the first five American presidents, c) a winning sports team, d) the Vedic gods and goddesses of ancient India, and e) nature according to Zen worshippers". Uhhh</p>

<p>I love Barron's if you need to teach yourself something. For instance: I took the AP World History test basically on independent self-study (I had taken Intro to World, but it only covered 1450 - late 1800s and didn't mention half the countries). I have a horrible Environmental Science teacher who really doesn't teach, so I'm glad the Barron's has a lot of detail, so I can teach myself the info this year (although there aren't any other AP Environmental books out there specifically geared for the exam, I believe). </p>

<p>Princeton Review has really good AP books for just review, though. Not too many practice problems - basically quick overviews and chapters and a few practice tests.</p>