Best apartments?

<p>So I'm currently a sophomore looking into apartments for my junior year. I want to get a really nice place that isn't too far from campus. Any suggestions? </p>

<p>I hear a lot about the Woodlands but they advertise so heavily on campus. I heard it's far, too..</p>

<p>Are the Bartram apts nice? Cost is not a concern. I am just looking for the nicest apartment I can get at a fairly convenient location. </p>


<p>Trimark has a lot of nice apartments at close locations. There is The Estates by Sorority Row which is really nice and a really short walk to campus. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about 2nd Avenue Center.</p>

<p>I live at Ashton Lane (between SW 4th & 5th Ave), which is owned by Trimark.</p>

-very close to campus
-very rarely noisy (makes it good for studying)
-fast response to maintenance requests
-very fast internet connection</p>

-PARKING: an assigned sport costs $140/month for assigned spaces. You can buy a neighborhood decal, but finding street parking is often hard. This combined with the roam towing makes it difficult to have visitors (unless you drive them there yourself). Also, the assigned spaces are small.
-rent is high, and does not include utilities or cable
-apartments are unfurnished
-no pets allowed (except fish)</p>

<p>This isn’t their only property though. Look at the website, and you’re bound to find something that works.</p>