Best APUSH Prep book?

I have heard about so many books for AP US History. I can’t make out which is the best.
I was leaning toward Direct Hits or REA. AMCSO seems too much for my taste. I have also heard that PR is good, but also that it is horrible.
Would Direct Hits be sufficient for the AP exam, the SAT Subject test, and as a guide over the year?
Also are Barrons’ flashcards helpful?</p>

AMSCO if you have no class, DH if you do have a class.</p>

I have both books. AMSCO is kind of like a textbook condensed. I just recently received direct hits and its very straight forward, short, and nice. But, I’m not sure if direct hits will be enough, unless your taking the course at school! APUSH material is so dense, that you will probably need two prep books - one for all the in-depth details (amsco/school course textbook/etc) and one for just the straightforward facts (direct hits).</p>

Direct Hits before the AP exam, AMSCO throughout the year</p>

I have an REA right now and it seems great so far! I hope it helps me on the exam…
BTW…I love your username, op!</p>

I am going to get DH. I have the class, and don’t see myself reading 700 additional pages.


so DH is out of print, I don’t want to get AMSCO.
So I’m stuck between REA and 5 steps, as of now. A lot of people I know have PR, but I just don’t like it for history (I’m getting it for chem though., hopefully its good.). I’ll probably get Crash Course later though.
BUT, which one? REA or 5 STEPS?</p>


I’m communist. Should I get AMSCO?</p>


Give it a month or so. Larry Krieger, the author of DH, has a new APUSH book in the works :).</p>

I heard about that but I wan’t sure if that was anything soon…
I’ll just wait for Feb when the newest version of Barron’s Psych is released so i can get all my ap books, and get one of the two with Crash Course. :/</p>

i have AMSCO and its like +700 pages, so should I just start and read a little each day? Cause there is so much information in that book it’s crazy. how should I use that book? I’m self studying</p>

my teacher recommend this site: [-</a> AP US History Exam Review Course -](<a href=“”></p>

Its pretty good. Has lots of resources to use.</p>

[APUSH</a> Study Guide](<a href=“http://WWW.APUSHSTUDYGUIDE.COM%5DAPUSH”>http://WWW.APUSHSTUDYGUIDE.COM) … AWSOME resource!! The chapter outlines follow the American Pageant 13th edition book… study guide</p>