Best Banking internship for sophomore summer?

<p>I know of Bank of America and Goldman Sachs (and have pretty big connections at both), though I've heard that JP Morgan's might be better. Where else should I look? I was very late in the game this year, so I'd like to get a list compiled sooner rather than later and make sure I actually meet these deadlines.</p>

<p>Ok…assuming you are talking about the summer going into your junior year, there are still very few IB options for you with strong banks. You are better off targeting boutiques, and other relevant internship positions rather than being set on a BB SA position. Next year you should be charging those spots - this summer you just want something relevant.</p>

<p>That said, it doesn’t hurt to apply and sophs have landed these positions before - so by all means make the push - GS and MS are top players as far as BBs go - JPM is strong, BAML, Citi, DB, CS, Bar, etc are all solid BBs. Then there are elite boutiques, but you can find lists for these and MM boutiques as well by performing a quick search</p>

<p>PM me if you have other questions</p>


<p>The overarching goal is to get something relevant.</p>

<p>Best would be to get something in investment banking or investment-related work (not paper-pushing) at a small HF or PE shop.</p>

<p>Network, network, network and get something. Try to avoid settling for the PWM or broker internships that a lot of people do in their freshman or sophomore summers. There’s no value-add in those.</p>