Best Biology SAT II Preparation Book

<p>I've heard good reviews for both Kaplan's and Barron's books, have any of these books worked for you guys in getting an 800? Thank you very much for all your answers.</p>

<p>i used barrons. got a 780. but i did self ap, so maybe that made a difference.</p>

<p>using barron's as well. I'll let you know after this test date if it was good or not. I feel it reviews material pretty well</p>

<p>I'm using Barron's, too. Though I have to say that a couple of the charts are confusing. It does indeed cover a majority of topics for the test.</p>

<p>I used Barron's and PR... It seemed to me that PR had the most information. I read PR first and then read Barron's to brush up on anything I didn't know, I'll see my results in a few weeks, but I think they prepared me extremely well</p>

<p>I recommend getting Barron's, and if you can, also get the CB subject test book. I felt like the test used some terms that I'd never heard before.</p>

<p>You can probably get the CB subject test book from a local library. Save a couple bucks!</p>