Best Book for Korean Subject Test??????

<p>I'm planning on taking the Korean ST. best book or guide you used?
oh and btw, i'm i've been taking K as a foreign language and i watch dramas and yeah...that sort of thing.</p>

interested as well.</p>

<p>im an american born/raised korean so I would like to see how good I am and if I can get an 800. though I did improve alot by living in a dorm with koreans for a year till now</p>

<p>I remember my brother's friend who is non-native using kaplan's sat book for korean before and got 790.</p>

<p>bumpp!!!!!!!!!!! you guys's this is super important!!!!!!!!!!</p>


<p><a href=""&gt;;/a>
check this thread, it suggests two. no idea if they work though. but better than nothing</p>

<p> you like SUPER JUNIOR!?!? i watch dramas too....</p>

<p>I'm not into KPOP THAT much, but I lahhhvee 2NE1 and FT ISLAND, those are my fave
and I like one song by big bang lol (I hate this love song)</p>

<p>i'm supah obssessed with the dramas. in my korean class, we are watching 49 Days kdramas.</p>