best book for SAT II Bio?

<p>I'm hoping to take the test in june and my teacher doesn't really prepare us too much..anything I can rely on?</p>

<p>barron's has the best practice tests and has information on EVERYTHING
princeton review explains most concepts pretty well, though it doesn't go into depth, but doesn't have as many practice tests (although they have these "quick quizzes" that are helpful)</p>

<p>^^-- I used Barron's to study for mine. It's definately the best.</p>

<p>Which edition of Barron's did you two use? Barron's recently revised their book so it's completely different than the older version.</p>

<p>Is the AP Biology book from Barrons enough to have for the SAT II?, I'd rather not buy another one.</p>

<p>My friends tell me that Princeton Review has helpful diagrams. I actually just used my AP Bio review books and did fine.</p>

<p>Might as well watch some nature type shows while you are at it to. Or read some books on animals/plants/ecosystems. Or best of all observe some actual animals. In the meantime, keep in mind some of the concepts and questions of biology/ecology/evolution.</p>

<p>A lot of questions on the SAT and the AP test are presented in a similar manner...they want you to be able to draw connections between actual organisms and phenomena to what you learned in class. At the least, it should be interesting and a nice break from normal study!</p>