Best books for sat

I'm an international student and I'm preparing for and I have 8 months
I want to ask what are the best books for sat I could buy I live outside U.S. so I cant buy every dingle book I find
What are best books in each section and generally </p>

<p>Another question with better Direct Hits 5th edition or The Essential 500 Words</p>


<p>If possible, get the blue book and the barron’s sat book. Also, direct hits is better. </p>

<p>No. Essential 500 is the updated version of Direct Hits, so Essential 500 is better. </p>

<p>@ThePariah I have both Direct Hits and Essential 500. Trust me when I say that @DaneBrick is right. Direct Hits is better. </p>

<p>Well I have neither, I have the even more updated version. </p>

<p>@DaneBrick thank you,
@ThePariah what is the more updated version
I heard about Cracking the SAT is it better than Barron’s?
Even in amazon Cracking the SAT reviews and rank is better than barron </p>

<p>another answer about DH and Essential ?</p>

<p>I’ve never used Cracking the SAT so I can’t comment on that sadly</p>

<p>The latest version is the one with 600 vocabs. </p>

<p>@ThePariah I meant what is the book </p>

<p>Vocab: Direct Hits volume 1 and 2 , The Essential 500
Math: Dr. chung or u might one wanna take a look on barron’s math too
Writting: Ultimate Guide Grammer Sat.( This book decreased my mistakesfrom 20 to 12-6). It is a must have</p>

<p>@meumeu is it necessary to have both, what is the best one </p>

<p>I found Maximize your Writing Score and read a good review about it
is Ultimate Guide Grammer Sat better than it</p>

<p>anyone have a pdf copy of dr.chung math book please pm me !! </p>

<p>@IMTLD1 Unfortunately,I am not sure about the book’s content so, I cant judge if it is better or not.</p>

<p>dr chung is garbage don’t use it.</p>

<p>@savedtatwhim why did you say this ? most of people here in cc saying that is is the best ? </p>

<p>I bought it based on “advice” from CC but it really doesn’t help. The tests are unnecessarily difficult, and the tips are not even applicable on the SAT. </p>

<p>@savedtatwhim ok thanks for advice :slight_smile: , so wich book you used it and helped you ? </p>

<p>I took a lot of practice tests and used SATQuantum’s videos for the questions I got wrong. </p>

<p>So what is the best study books for whole test or study books for each section individual </p>