Best Business Schools???

So I am trying to figure out where I should apply to transfer for college. I am an undecided business major at community college and I expect to have around a 3.7 GPA at the time of applying and will have completed around 40 credits. I already know I will apply to U of Minnesota Twin-Cities, U of Illinois, U of Southern Cali, and U of Chicago (I am an Illinois Resident). I am looking for some recommendations for top business colleges so I can research possible transfer schools for me. I would prefer a medium/large college with good student life. Any recommendations will help. Thanks!

U of Indiana

UC Berkeley is a good choice for business.

How much can you afford? UCB would be full pay. For that matter so would Indiana.

SMU Cox school of business is well regarded.

I’m not sure but I will be applying for scholarships. I just want to apply to as many schools as possible and then I will factor in the cost and decide from there.

Also, all of the UC schools require 60 credits at the time of application and I will only have around 40-45 so I wouldn’t be able to apply to Berkeley sadly.

Just noticed the you state your an Illinois resident for UofChicago. You do know it’s a private school so no added advantage being a resident

Yeah I know it’s private but I just wanted to put that in there because it is one of the better business schools in Illinois.

Chicago Booth is grad only. It doesn’t have an undergraduate business program. Surprised that an Illinois resident didn’t know that.

USC (not Southern California but South Carolina) has a respectable business school and is one of the top rated for International Business.

Look through the lengthy poets and quants list for schools that have attributes you are looking for (medium or larger, etc)

Then run the Net Price Calculator on each college’s financial aid website. There should be an option to check that you are applying as a transfer.