Best CA public universities for the arts?

Hi! I am currently a senior hearing back from colleges, and I am thinking about what school I should attend in the fall. So far, my options are CSU Long Beach, Cal Poly SLO & Pomona, and UC Riverside. I am still waiting on SDSU, UCI, UCSB and UCSD. Does anyone know which of these are more art friendly and have a better arts programs than others? Please let me know :slight_smile:

I’ve heard amazing things about CSU Long Beach’s Art Program! That would have been my sons second choice. He got accepted to San Jose State so he is going there to get his BFA in Animation/Illustration.


Getting into SLO suggests you will likely get into several of the others you are waiting on. I’d wait before getting too far into the decision process. Tour as many as you can - talk to some current students and I am sure you will quickly narrow the list down to one or two.

Good luck with the rest.

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CSU Fullerton has an amazing fine arts program, especially in illustration.

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The college of New Jersey is the best one I believe. I’ve studied there.

Hope you don’t mind me jumping on this post for more opinions. My D21 got accepted to VCU, CSULB, CSUF, UCI, SDSU, waiting on USC but don’t have high hopes. Wants to be a digital artist for movies/video games.
VCU is lower priority since she really wants to be in CA. I know LB and Fullerton have really good programs but wondering if UCI with minor in Digital arts would be better for alumni and it is a UC school? Not sure if employers look differently at Cal states vs UC schools.

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This is just my opinion, but from everything I’ve read, employers in the movie and game industry are much more interested in your portfolio than where you got your degree. Consideration also has to be given to what doors can and will be opened for the student via the schools connections to the industry and their being able to secure internships. All of that being said, if it were my daughter I would still choose Long Beach or Fullerton of the choices you’ve listed because their programs prepare students for that career and they have good industry connections. The UC system doesn’t seem to have the specialized programs like the Cal States do. It’s sort of a niche major. It appears that UC Irvine does have a path, however it looks to be heavy on the computer programming aspects of game design, and the mechanicals vs. the art piece from what I could tell. If she wants to draw and design, then she should be looking at the BFA Animation/Illustration path through the Art dept. at Long Beach or Fullerton…IMHO :blush: Best of luck to her!

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