Best Cal State for Geography/GIS Major

<p>Hey guys, I'm currently applying for transfer from a CCC to CSU's and I was wondering what your opinions were on the best CSU's for Geography/GIS/cartography. There are a few schools I'm looking into (Humboldt, SFSU, CSULB) but I'm still not too sure. ANY comment or opinion would be helpful.</p>


<p>Oh and I know that SDSU has a good program but it’s impacted and I don’t enjoy the area very much (no offense to you san diegans out there). It’s just not my style I guess</p>

<p>I am not sure of the reputation of the programs but these schools offer geography with GIS concentration. SD which you mentioned, Sacramento, Cal Poly Pomona, LA, Northridge. The schools you listed offer general geography which should include some GIS. Sonoma and Stanislaus offer geography with a geospacial technologies which sounds like GIS to me.</p>

<p>Good choice by the way, I majored in Geography with meteorology and cartography back in the dark ages.</p>

<p>Thanks for the input jakd59. I decided on Humboldt, which I’m already accepted to (not that hard tbh, but still exciting nonetheless!). </p>

<p>Yeah, not too many people major in geography and it’s just a subject that I had fallen in love with in my JC.</p>

<p>Good luck to you, Humboldt is a beautiful school.</p>

<p>Wow, I was browsing this website for a little while but just had to register to reply to this topic. I’m a geography major at HSU too! Starting in January, actually, moving in to Creekview on the 14th and first classes being on the 21st.</p>

<p>SF State and HSU were about the only two CSU schools accepting students for January start. I’m not from California, out-of-state and going to have to pay the extra tuition that goes with that, but really wanted to get to the Golden State ASAP. I applied to SFSU, they never really finished my application but I think there’s a very high chance I would’ve been rejected as my high school performance was average at best. And after tuition, HSU could be a lot cheaper.</p>

<p>I’ve read some very good things about geo majors, especially if they have GIS certificate and can work the software. I haven’t found any program explicitly named Geographical Information Services at HSU, but maybe something comparable - a Geospatial Analysis minor? There seems to be a lot of GIS software used at Humboldt. I’m thinking either that or Applied Statistics as a minor - STEM seems to be the way to go.</p>

<p>I love geography, maps, traveling, everything the geo major seems to offer - I can’t see myself pouring all that passion into anything else and that could lead to a high GPA. Maybe the municipal governments and employers in the North Coast area - Arcata, Eureka, Crescent City, so on - look for geo grads from HSU? It’s such a rare major too, maybe less so in California but no one I know or have ever met has chose it as a major. </p>

<p>I’ll be joining the HSU Geographical Society too. Feel free to PM me, sweaterweather.</p>