best calculus help website

<p>i saw someone post a website that they recommended for calc help on here a while ago but i couldn't find it. So what do yall think is the best site for it?</p>

<p>Khan</a> Academy</p>

<p>khan academy is basically the best help site for calc, physics, and a few other subjects. sal's a great teacher</p>

<p>I used this website to get information on partial fractions for a class presentation, but it looks good for all aspects of calculus: Karl's</a> Calculus Tutor: Starting Page for 1st Year Calculus Tutorial</p>

<p>wow i just watched a couple videos on khan academy and i don't think i even have to go to class anymore except on test days...</p>

<p>that is 100 times more helpful than my teacher, thank you so much!!</p>

<p> can be a great help on homework. Don't use it the wrong way and just copy but instead let it help you understand where you went wrong on solutions.</p>

<p> and</p>

<p>Also, try to see if you can get past notes/homework/tests from someone who already took the course. Very similar problems will appear each year on homework</p>

<p>thanks so much rp1242 for showing me khan academy, surely this should help me with all the math classes i'am goign to take the next year including plane trig, pre-cal, cal 1, cal 2, and cal 3. i'am getting a headstart right now. just a quick question though, does he also have videos on teaching Calculus 3- Sequences, Series, & Multivariable Calculus. not sure if its all under the calculus section. none of the titles say multivariable</p>

<p>He doesn't really cover much of multivariable calculus. He has a few videos on triple integration and a few videos on the cross product and dot product in the physics and linear algebra sections.</p>

<p>If you get a good grasp of Cal I & II, Cal III should be a cinch, though.</p>

<p>Free</a> Online Course Materials | Mathematics | MIT OpenCourseWare</p>

<p>MIT OpenCourseWare. There's an entire semester of video lectures on multivariable calc.</p>

<p>o ok but everything under calculus section, he does cover cal I & cal II right? </p>

<p>and cool thanks contra, the more the merrier :)</p>

<p>btw, anyone know any website where i can do practice problems, khan just shows how to do it but i wanna try to practice on my own cuz u know what they say, practive makes perfect</p>