Best campus location

<p>What part of the campus do you want to live on if you're going into premed. I'm assuming I don't start premed classes 'til my second or third yr. So does that mean any location would be good to live in to get the required classes out of the way?</p>

<p>You're wrong in your assumption about when you start "pre-med" classes.
The pre-reqs for med school are:
1 year Gen. bio, Gen. Chem, Physics, Org. Chem, Calcuslus and English.
So basically pre-med classes start from your very first year of college because by your third year you should be done with them in order to take your MCAT's and complete your applications.</p>

<p>oh ok well sorry</p>

<p>Oh no need to apologize!
I was just letting you know, sorry if I came across as harsh or whatever.</p>

<p>schnider-phillips has the best food. My dad works at MSU and he takes us there sometimes for dinner/lunch. Brody is good too. idk any specific halls for pre-med. I know wonders hall doesn't have air conditioning and neither does shaw hall.</p>

<p>btw.....there is really no place that would be closest to all of your classes, unless you live in one of the learning communities where all your classes are in the hall you live in.....have you visited MSU's campus? It is huge, like 3rd largest in the nation I think and classes are all over the place and MI winters are brutal, so invest in a bike or bus pass...Freshman can't have cars</p>

<p>@punkchique yeah alittle lol
@issacm yeah i saw little bits of the campus, like the golf course. and thanks. i also thought that majority of the classes were on one side of the campus. and yeah i'm considering lyman briggs but having second thoughts cause of the atomosphere. but if i choose to go to the school of natural science i can't choose my dorms so i would have to deal w/ it.</p>

<p>Ahhh sorry, internet makes everything sound meaner.</p>

<p>haha its ok and i know.</p>

<p>Most pre-med/science majors tend to be in east complex (hubbard, akers, holmes). It might be easier to be in that area merely because while you are studying, it is nice to have others who are in your classes. I am biased towards south complex as a james madison college student, but as a pre-med major you are likely not going to have any classes remotely near south complex so I'd say either go to east complex or north complex (mason-abbot, snyder-phillips) in terms of best placement near classes. Lyman briggs is also a definite option...I've heard mixed things about it- a few of my acquaintances loved it, some weren't so excited about it and opted out of it after their first year. I don't know anything definitive enough to say whether it is a good option or not.</p>

<p>thanks. i'll prob just do natural science and deal w/ whereever they place me on campus, since freshman can't choose their dorms. also do any premed majors ever get placed in brody? just wondering.</p>

<p>I am going to be a Freshman this Fall and in Premed/College of Natural Science.
I have been placed in the Brody complex. I'll find out which hall at AOP July 8th.</p>

<p>oh really? you're living my dream right now. lol congrats! please keep me updated on your dorm hall.</p>

<p>I'll let you know as soon as I found out and I'll take a bunch of pictures too.</p>

<p>haha thankks :) i really would like to see them. but yeah if you don't mind me asking what did you get into state w/? as far as act and gpa and ec's go. i'm kind of nervous for acceptance time.</p>

<p>My GPA was 3.38 and I got a 24 on the ACT.
I played baseball for 2 years, honor roll all 4 years, spanish club 2 years, and fishing club 2 years.
I took 5 years of science and math.
Since my stats weren't the best, I applied online right away. I applied in August and got my acceptance in October.</p>

<p>really? we're kinda alike. lol. my gpa is a 3.45 and act is a 19 :/ but i just retook it june 11th and should have my results back soon. so far ive been in marching and concert band for 3 yrs. track for 3 yrs. cross country for 1. national honor society. and 5 yrs of math. i plan to apply right away in august too. lol.</p>

<p>I took the ACT 3 times-but couldn't get any higher than 24. I also took the SAT twice, but they were just average. And I sent in all the scores I had.
My essay was pretty decent and I sent in 3 letters of reference. The letters weren't mandatory, but I had them and figured it couldn't hurt.
Just get your ACT score up and you should be fine!</p>

<p>yeah i took the act 3 times so far. if i get a 21 on the act i think i'll feel more confident. and yeah i'll prob. ask for a couple of recommendations too.</p>