Best Campus Music Scene

<p>i have always liked music and was wondering which college has the best music scene (or lack there of). which campus has the best music created by students? or which college is able to attract good music acts on a regular basis? i've heard brown, other people say nyu....what is your input?</p>

<p>Julliard, Berklee</p>


<p>for college towns, i've heard the university of georgia in athens has a good music scene.</p>

<p>Austin Texas....</p>

<p>^Live music capital of the world</p>

<p>god they just had the SXSW festival there....
i've always dreamed of going...</p>

<p>also every now and then i am able to catch a really good episode of austin city limits (really good stuff)</p>

<p>no but seriously nyc or LA, everything else is a wasteland</p>

<p>Bands from NY and LA and Seattle go to the SXSW to get discovered. All through the year there are so many venues in Austin it makes NY and LA look poor for small club live music.</p>

<p>It depends on what kind of music you like. If you're into independent stuff, anything around Portland, OR is unbeatable - Reed, for instance.</p>

<p>Lawrence Kansas always has an impressive array of concerts for it's size.
Athens, GA spawned REM
Charlottesville VA was where Dave Mathew's Band started
All the guys in Vampire Weekend went to Columbia.</p>

<p>Austin, TX, no doubt is up there if not at the top.</p>

<p>also, i go to USC and i gotta say the scene's not bad. if you're only into "larger" indie bands, it's already pretty much a given that those bands'll play The Echoplex, Fonda, El Rey, Troubadour, Wiltern (if the band's big enough), etc. but if you're into very small local bands, it doesn't take much to seek out other venues and holes-in-the-wall, like the legendary Smell on 3rd in Downtown. and directly on campus, USC's Ground Zero Coffee and Performance House is a pretty generous live venue that's hosted some pretty big names, before and after they'd made it big:</p>

<p>Ground</a> Zero Performance Cafe</p>

<p>i've also been to folk-punk shows on the San Pedro bluffs, spur-of-the-moment shows in gazebos in the Rose Garden in Expo Park, small things like that...i haven't had a shortage of good music since i've been at USC.</p>

<p>boston has some major bands come through on tours, a bunch of small places where local bands/smaller acts play, and on top of that a huge number of schools (especially music schools: berklee, boston conservatory, new england conservatory) that are bound to spawn student bands.</p>

<p>probably something around Seattle....definitely not philly. I've been insanely disappointed at the music scene around here.</p>