Best Cell Phone Coverage in East Lansing?

Does anyone know happen to know what cell phone carrier has the best reception on MSU’s campus? Thinking of changing daughter’s (newly admitted student) provider and wanted to know what works best there.

My son (in 3rd year at MSU) has had Verizon since he started and has never had an issue.

I’m a senior. I’ve had Verizon, Sprint, then back to Verizon. Obviously Verizon is going to be the best. However, I never really had any problems with Sprint unless I went out of the area. My parents had problems with it back home, though, that’s why we switched back to Verizon.

You know, I have a LED phone for 4 months and I never really had any of these problems; however, the cable to connect the case to my phone broke off, but for everyday use it’s real case for everyday use.