Best cell phone reception in Vassar college campus?

Dear all,

I moved to Vassar campus recently, my tello cell get no signal in where I work and where I live (both on campus). I wonder which cellular company has the best signal on campus?

Verizon. I work in Poughkeepsie and Verizon is the carrier that works here.
Welcome to Poughkeepsie!


Tello is an MVNO that used the Sprint, now T-Mobile, network.

Verizon may be expensive, but there are some MVNOs that use the Verizon network that may cost less: Verizon MVNOs Compared In 2021 - BestMVNO


Seconding what @LauraUpstateNY said :slight_smile:

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Surely this is a great question to ask someone at Vassar.

Adding onto @Lindagaf’s excellent suggestion: most colleges have a computer center/help desk. They help with things like campus wifi connections. They all got plenty of experience with that in the last year. If Vassar has a help desk they can probably tell you which networks work best on campus.

@shawn1776, I am on Tello and just went through the service and SIM update from CDMA to GSM, and my coverage is so much better than before in my rural area. Has your phone been phased in yet?

That said, I agree with Lindagraf and austinmshauri that talking with someone at Vassar would probably be more helpful.

When in doubt, I would look at Verizon MVNOs, but they can be significantly more costly.

Wishing you the best!

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I did the switch, but it did not solve my problem.
Thank you all for the suggestion.
I did get info that Verizon is the best in 12603, but just want to verify it, since through my observation their Verizon also did not get good signals.
Other suggestion is google Fi

I think I may get 3 numbers from 1) red pocket 2) page plus and 3) google Fi and found which is the best.

Thank all again.

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Google Fi is an MVNO that uses the T-Mobile, Sprint (now part of T-Mobile), and US Cellular networks. Note that while some phones support the seamless network switching, not all do, so those that do not will only be able to use the T-Mobile network when using Google Fi.

Besides T-Mobile and Verizon, the third big network is AT&T. As is typical, there may be MVNOs that may be less expensive than the network-branded service.

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Red Pocket is an MVNO that offers user choice of which network (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon) to use (although choice may depend on your phone’s compatibility with the various networks).

Dear all, just to complete the post.

I tried Red Pocket CDMA verizon network, and it works well for me.

Before, I used tello via T mobile, only 1 bar or on bar of signal, now I have 2-4 bars.

So far so good. I will update bad things if I find any.

Thank you all who replied to me.