Best cell phone reception?

<p>What carriers have the best reception on campus? Right now we have T-Mobile for the family but we could switch to something else. Maybe get i-phones or whatever. </p>

<p>Are any of the carriers not working out well on campus?</p>

<p>My son has T-Mobile and it works just fine on campus (and throughout Houston).</p>

<p>DD has no problem with Verizon. She is not aware of anyone having problems with a particular carrier. It is the middle of the city. There were some problems in the new dorms initially due to the construction, but I am not sure if they resolved those. I would keep them on your family plan.</p>

<p>AT&T works great, except in the basements of some residential colleges. All of the carriers should work well, especially since we are right across from the world's largest medical center and in the middle of one of the nation's largest cities.</p>

<p>AT&T is good, I switched over from T-Mobile several months ago. It was absolutely terrible with T-Mobile in West Servery and in Duncan and McMurtry Colleges. I had to go outside to get any type of service in West Servery, let alone one bar.</p>

<p>Verizon! Best carrier out there, in my opinion.</p>

<p>We recently switched our daughter from AT&T (which is terrible in our part of California) to Sprint. She's had no problem with either carrier.</p>

<p>boots47 disses T-Mobile but blackeyedsusan loves it. Of course it turns out that continuing with T-Mobile is the most sensible option, assuming that it works, of course. Changing before the contract is over would cost about as much as tuition for the whole four years and first class RT tickets home for every break.</p>

<p>If no one else votes then we stay with T-Mobile based on familiarity and blackeyedsusan's cred.</p>